KitchenPearl privacy policy

KitchenPearl values your privacy. KitchenPearl does not sell, give, loan or rent your personal information to anybody without your express permission. If there are any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact KitchenPearl.


The KitchenPearl kitchen timer app, and the KitchenPearl website, both collect anonymous usage statistics. This data is used to improve the app and the website over time. This data is only seen by the developers at KitchenPearl, it is not shared with third parties. This data includes metrics about your device (like OS version, screen resolution, memory size) and about the way you use the KitchenPearl kitchen timer app (like which settings are used, what durations are used).

The data that is gathered does not include any information that is intended to identify you or any of your contacts (like names, email-addresses or phone numbers).

Analytics data is gathered in accordance with the Google analytics terms of service that can be found here:

The app contains an ‘opt-out’ for analytics data, in the settings. If you selects not to share anonymous usage statistics, no analytics data will be sent


If you send an email to KitchenPearl, KitchenPearl will store this email, including your email address, with the intent to respond to your email. Your email address will not be shared with third parties without your consent.


When the KitchenPearl Kitchen Timer app crashes, a crash report is sent over the network for processing. This is done with the intent to improve the app; to prevent those crashes from happening in a future release.

The crash-data that is sent includes the state of the app at the moment of the crash, and information about the device configuration. This data is processed by crashlytics. KitchenPearl complies with the crashlytics terms of service, which can be found, together with the crashlytics privacy policy, here:


The KitchenPearl kitchen timer app may view ads to its users (usually after a grace period), and allow users to click on these ads; these ads are served through the adMob network. The adMob privacy policy that applies can be found here:

The google adMob network also allows you to customize your ads setting, please visit:

Version 2014.03.26 · This privacy policy is subject to change without prior notice.